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Sentence Examples With the Word ‘Quiet’. Over 50 Sentences


Quiet — US. [ˈkwaɪət], UK. [ˈkwaɪət]

Main meanings:

  1. The absence of noise or disturbance; a state of calm or hush.
  2. To cause or become silent or still.


10 simple sentences:

  • It’s so quiet in the library.
  • The forest was quiet and peaceful.
  • Please keep it quiet in class.
  • He enjoys the quiet moments.
  • The lake is quiet at night.
  • The baby finally fell quiet.
  • The town is usually quiet.
  • She spoke in a quiet voice.
  • Is the room too quiet?
  • The quiet street had few people.


The sentences from movies:

You gotta be quiet.War of the Worlds (2005)

Quiet down, everybody. – Sing (2016)

Keep him quiet.Extraction 2 (2023)

You get so quiet.Dont Look Up (2021)

The quiet is so noisy. – Leave the World Behind (2023)

I’m enjoying the peace and quiet.Brokeback Mountain (2005)

You’re so quiet.Beethoven (1992)

Kitty, quiet.Pride and Prejudice (2005)

In fact, it’s too quiet.The Irishman (2019)

To keep her quiet.Missing (2023)

You’re quiet.Land (2021)

Quiet, now. – Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Keep him amused but quiet!Incredibles 2 (2018)

What are you quiet for? – Goodfellas (1990)

Okay, quiet.Gangs of New York (2002)

Get along quiet now, Queequeg. – Moby Dick (1956)

A little quiet, please. – Toy Story 2 (1999)

And such a quiet boy. – Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

Can’t you be quiet?Transformers (2007)

Just be quiet and listen. – Ghost (1990)

Quiet, very smart. – The Sixth Sense (1999)

Quiet, okay? – Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

It’s bloody quiet.1917 (2019)

So, we keep some things quiet.The Black Dahlia (2006)

Be quiet, both of you. – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

Awfully quiet.Paul (2011)

You seem a bit quiet, lad. – This Is England (2006)

Sure is quiet out there. – Airplane! (1980)

He’s just quiet, he doesn’t talk much. – Kandahar (2023)

Keep them quiet!Justice League (2017)

We pay to keep the company quiet.The Incredibles (2004)

Quiet, up there. – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Will you be quiet?Jerry Maguire (1996)

Just try to be quiet.Step Brothers (2008)

Everyone quiet down. – Cloverfield (2008)

Be quiet and close the door! – Minority Report (2002)

This will be a quiet little midnight snack. – Some Like It Hot (1959)

Quiet, ogre! – Shrek Forever After (2010)

Why are you so quiet?The Parent Trap (1998)

Quiet down, Marsha! – Django Unchained (2012)

Stay quiet.The Revenant (2015)

We try to keep it quiet.Apartment (1960)

I said, Quiet.Monsters University (2013)

I was thinking of just a quiet dinner. – Cars 2 (2011)

When was my last nice, quiet drowning? – The Killer (2023)

Why y’all so quiet?Rush Hour (1998)

Why don’t you be quiet?A Walk To Remember (2002)

It’s so quiet up here now. – We Have a Ghost (2023)

That’s quiet?Casino (1995)