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Over 50 Simple Sentences With the Word ‘Christ’


Christ — US. [kraɪst], UK. [kraɪst]

Main meanings:

  1. The title, also known as the Messiah, given to Jesus of Nazareth in Christianity, believed to be the son of God and the savior of humanity.
  2. An exclamation used in expressions of surprise, dismay, or emphasis.


10 simple sentences:

  • Christ is central to Christianity.
  • Christ loves all people.
  • The church worships Christ.
  • Grace prays to Christ daily.
  • The story of Christ is amazing.
  • They sing hymns to Christ.
  • Do you believe in Christ?
  • Christ is the Messiah.
  • We celebrate the birth of Christ.
  • My Mom doesn’t believe in Christ.


The sentences from movies:

It shows Jesus Christ!The Internship (2013)

Christ, they’re gonna block the gate. – Kandahar (2023)

I believe in God and Jesus Christ.A Few Good Men (1992)

Thank you, Vishnu, for introducing me to Christ.Life of Pi (2012)

Oh, Christ.Gremlins (1984)

Christ, I miss the Cold War. – Casino Royale (2006)

Jesus Christ, he’s fast! – The Matrix (1999)

Forget about her for Christ sake? – Basic Instinct (1992)

Jesus Christ, you wanna stop? – Raging Bull (1980)

Jesus tap-dancing Christ!The Nice Guys (2016)

Christ, I’ll give them anything they want. – The Majestic (2001)

Christ, I’m just in here. – The Marvels (2023)

Oh, Christ, not again. – Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Jesus Christ, guys! – The Hangover (2009)

Oh, Jesus Christ.No Time to Die (2021)

It wasn’t just Christ.Dogma (1999)

Jesus Christ, who’s that? – Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Jesus Christ, it went back! – A Quiet Place Part II (2021)

Christ I wasn’t gone more than a minute. – Shutter Island (2010)

Jesus Christ, I thought we were friends. – M3GAN (2022)

Christ, Ted, I was only four towns away. – Theres Something About Mary (1998)

Jesus Christ Almighty! – The Breakfast Club (1985)

Jesus Christ, I want to report every hour. – Napoleon (2023)

Jesus Christ, what is this? – Wall Street (1987)

Jesus Christ, what’d they do with this? – Forrest Gump (1994)

What am I, Jesus Christ?The Equalizer (2014)

Jesus Christ, Walter, you got a gun? – Tremors (1990)

Spare me, for the love of Christ.Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Christ, man. – The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Jesus Christ, can we play this any slower? – May December (2023)

Christ, man, now what? – The Wrath of Becky (2023)

Jesus Christ, I mean, let’s be reasonable. – Fatal Attraction (1987)

Christ, it’s Colson. – The Batman (2022)

Oh, my Christ.The Green Mile (1999)

Jesus Christ, buck! – Deadpool 2 (2018)

We could Christ!Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Then get it out, for Christ sake. – 2012 (2009)

Stupid son of a Jesus Christ!Ghost World (2001)

Jesus Christ, what did you do? – Missing (2023)

Christ, you can count on that, huh? – Mob Land (2023)

Christ, I’ve gone blind! – Highlander (1986)

Thank Christ!Jaws (1975)

Jesus Christ I thought he was good. – You Hurt My Feelings (2023)

Jesus Christ, the spread on these is huge. – Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Holy Christ, would you look at that. – The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Jesus Christ, you just shot me down. – All the President’s Men (1976)

What the Christ?Saw (2004)