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Sentence Examples With the Word ‘Actually’. Over 50 Sentences


Actually — US. [ˈæktʃʊəlɪ], UK. [ˈæktʃʊəlɪ]

Main meanings:

  1. Used to emphasize the truth or reality of a situation.
  2. Used to introduce a statement that corrects or clarifies a previous one.
  3. Used to express surprise, agreement, or confirmation.
  4. In fact; truly; really.


10 simple sentences:

  • I actually like that idea.
  • She is actually quite talented.
  • He actually finished his homework early.
  • This is actually my first time.
  • We actually met in college.
  • He actually listened to my advice.
  • It’s actually a small world.
  • She actually enjoys cooking.
  • I actually forgot my keys.
  • Is he actually coming tonight?


The sentences from movies:

Actually, try this one. – Oceans Thirteen (2007)

Actually, you know what? – Pearl Harbor (2001)

You actually think you brought me something good. – I, Robot (2004)

Perfect actually.The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Actually, no. – BlackBerry (2023)

Actually, we first noticed it in chimp nine. – Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

I’m actually keeping my grades up. – The Holdovers (2023)

Well, actually, he was quite good. – Ace Ventura. Pet Detective (1994)

Actually I mean with the Manchester people. – Grand Hotel (1932)

Better than me, actually.Golfballs (1999)

Actually, wait. – Night Swim (2024)

Neither do I, actually.Chinatown (1974)

I was actually here. – 12 Monkeys (1995)

Well Actually, they’re my late brother’s. – Jumanji (1995)

Actually, I have you to thank, my boy. – Tarzan (1999)

I tell myself that every day, actually.10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

I’ve actually grown to appreciate proximity work. – The Killer (2023)

I prefer it, actually.Transformers (2007)

I’m actually quite jealous. – Deadpool (2016)

I might actually lose money on this job. – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Did you actually buy this from Mr. Ledbetter? – The Tree of Life (2011)

Just past your parents’ house, actually.The Greatest Showman (2017)

It’s actually Eden Prairie. – Fargo (1996)

I’m actually excited about this. – Toy Story 2 (1999)

All of them, actually.Jurassic World (2015)

I actually have something that might help. – Joy Ride (2023)

Actually, can I step in for a second? – The Machine (2023)

Actually, I was reading to them. – A Man Called-Otto (2022)

You know, actually, I see that car around. – Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

It’s my mother’s name, actually.Magnolia (1999)

Actually, it was less than that. – Cast Away (2000)

I can’t believe she actually let me go. – Rio (2011)

Actually, my family came to dinner. – Elemental (2023)

Well, actually, I’m from here. – The Time Machine (2002)

Actually, I don’t know. – Interstate 60 (2002)

11,500, actually.Django Unchained (2012)

I actually really like him making friends. – No Hard Feelings (2023)

Actually, I shouldn’t call them that. – You Hurt My Feelings (2023)

The one thing we actually need. – Dune (2021)

Actually, that may have been me. – Deadpool 2 (2018)

Pretty well, actually.Little Women (2019)

Actually, she’’s looking in your direction. – The Expendables 4 (2023)

Wow, that’s actually amazing. – A Million Miles Away (2023)

I’ve been doing really well, actually.The Descendants (2011)

Actually, I’m quite familiar with your work. – King Kong (2005)

Actually, Gordon, you’re not gonna do that. – Minority Report (2002)

Finally, something you said is actually funny. – The Grinch (2018)

Well, actually, I do have a plane. – The Da Vinci Code (2006)

I actually don’t know. – Mean Girls (2024)

Um, did your mom actually name you that? – The Wrath of Becky (2023)

Say, I believe you’ve actually grown. – Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

Actually, that’s my cousin’s sister’s daughter, sir. – Monsters, Inc. (2001)